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Dulux Paints - Lead Generation


To generate inquiry country wide for anyone who is looking to paint their house.


Strict ROI Limit under which we had to get the lead flow on daily basis for more than one year consistently.

Platforms Used

Unlimited - SMS | Email | Whatsapp | Social Media | Voice
Database Sourcing and Management

Prefix Solutions Inc, a leading digital marketing company, helped Dulux Paints generate high-quality leads by using a range of digital media marketing platforms. Through SMS marketing, email marketing, Whatsapp marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media advertising, Prefix Solutions Inc was able to target potential customers and encourage them to take specific actions such as filling out a form or contacting Dulux Paints for more information

By leveraging these channels, Prefix Solutions Inc was able to deliver targeted messages to the right audience, resulting in a high conversion rate and increased revenue for Dulux Paints. Through this effective lead generation strategy, Prefix Solutions Inc helped Dulux Paints achieve their business goals and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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