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Adarsh Bank - Data Flow Automation


Data Flow Automation & Secure Monitoring of ATMs + Real Time Alerts


Cross Platform Integration with high level security and real time alerts

Platforms Used

Telecom Solutions - Long Code (Inboud), DotNet Custom Application & SMS Gateway

Prefix Solutions Inc, a digital solutions company, recently helped Adarsh Bank to streamline their data flow automation for lead capture. Using customized solutions, Prefix Solutions Inc designed a system that automated the flow of data from lead capture to the bank's CRM, improving the bank's lead management process. By integrating their CRM with their website and other digital platforms, Adarsh Bank was able to capture leads more efficiently and quickly follow up with potential customers.

In addition, Prefix Solutions Inc also provided Adarsh Bank with a customized solution to monitor ATMs in real-time. This solution enabled the bank to receive real-time alerts and notifications, providing greater security and reducing the risk of ATM fraud. The system also generated one-time passwords (OTP) alerts, enabling Adarsh Bank to take quick and effective action in case of any suspicious activity.

By partnering with Prefix Solutions Inc, Adarsh Bank was able to leverage technology to improve their lead capture process, increase efficiency and enhance their security measures. The customized solutions provided by Prefix Solutions Inc helped Adarsh Bank stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving needs of their customers in today's digital age.

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